We’re a Movement of Humans Creating Change Through Skiing

Skiing is a mind-altering experience. The mountains bring together a community of obsessive riders, roamers and revellers. Our vision is to build this global community, all bound by shared vibes and hooked on riding.

Planks was founded on, and has always been driven by purpose. Back in 2008, when snowboarding was dominating, we wanted to create something that represented freeskiing; Planks was born. 

14 years on, and we’re fully committed to the people and planet that we love. We continue to explore ways to lessen our environmental impact, whilst continuing to give back to the skiing community.


We define ‘eco-friendly’ as taking actions that benefit the environment.

Are we helping the environment when we make outerwear? Honestly? No.

Manufacturing clothing is a thirsty business: Extruding fibres, weaving & dying fabrics, powering factories, shipping heavy containers halfway around the world, delivering to the end customer and more. It’s a huge drain on the world’s resources and a big contributor to pollution.  

We have a responsibility to future generations to do everything we can to lessen our impact. We will listen to, include and share our progress with you every step of the way.

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