Pro Purchase


The Planks Pro Purchase Program gives outdoor and industry professionals an opportunity to buy Planks gear at a discounted price to help support them wherever they are on the mountain!


- Industry professionals.

- Ski Instructors.

- Outdoor education leaders

- Professional Athletes.

- Search, Rescue and Ski Patrol.

- Resort Employees.

- Photographers.

- Videographers and Journalists.

- Non Profits and organizations that actively serve in the outdoors or support environmental / outdoor related causes.


We want to support the industry, our fellow skiers and the people that make a living out of the wonderful landscape we call the mountains! To say thank you we have developed our pro purchase program to give you discounted prices on our gear.


We are skiers, our products are by skiers for skiers, and the functionality of our products is at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to make simple, practical garments that can be enjoyed on or off the hill. Our products first and foremost must ‘work’ for you: they must be able to endure everyday mountain life and you guys are the best qualified to test that endurance and the most qualified to push our products to the limit!


Must be a professional in the ski industry.

The outfit or products you choose must be suitable for your line of work.

Membership limited to one year.

Not to be used for friends and family.

Products that you buy through the Pro Purchase program are final sale and may not be returned for any reason. They may be sent in for repair.

Products bought through Pro Purchase may not be resold.

Deals are confidential - do not discuss your discount with anyone.

We encourage our pro purchase programmers to share their adventures with Planks on social media. We are more than happy to have your content contribute to our brand awareness. It's your feedback that will help us continue our growth and evolution.

You must be willing to offer product and performance feedback on the products you have chosen to help us keep improving our collection year after year!

Product is subject to availability. In stock items will ship and unavailable items will be cancelled.

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