The James 'Woodsy' Woods Signature Series 

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Getting to know Woodsy

Woodsy got his first taste of skiing at a free dryslope taster session at the Sheffield Ski village. Since then he has been following his dream of becoming a professional skier. After years of honing his skills in the UK and around the world, Woodsy is now among the very best. We at Planks could not be more stoked to be working with him both as part of our global team of riders and on developing his own Planks Signature Series products. 


James 'Woodsy' Woods Collection

The Signature Series includes High Times Gloves with the fingers highlighted for enhanced peace signs, Parkside Riding Hoods for park lapping sunny sessions and T-shirts for the downdays. Last but certainly not least, the Good Times Jacket and Pants, perfect for every skier in every condition. 

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“Creating the Woodsy Signature Series is a dream come true, it’s a privilege to be riding for Planks but to have such input and my name to this series is huge a honour! This season’s gear is rad, I’m really excited about the materials, cuts and about that mustard which looks awesome over black. So excited for this and everything that follows - I hope you are too. 👊”

Planks Pro Skier / James 'Woodsy' Woods

Working with Woodsy

Working on the Woodsy Signature Series is exciting because you know you are getting input from one of the world’s best skiers. James is on the mountain more than most and knows exactly want he needs from his gear.